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Pinder Barracks, Zirndorf, Germany
Pinder Barracks


Pinder Barracks
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This is an ongoing effort to gather and publish a history of Pinder Barracks & the units that served there. So, as I get things sorted out I will then post to the site.

I left Pinder almost 14 years ago as a soldier. Since then I have been back to visit several times. With photos and text I hope to show and inform you of what Pinder was for me and thousands of other soldiers that served within.

Division Artillery on Parade

Taking a break from work

The nine years at Pinder Barracks, all with the 1st Armored Division Artillery, were some of the best years in the service. Had some tough times there with a lot of time in the field doing what soldiers do; training to fight and win.

During my years at Pinder it was the home of the 1st Armored Division Artillery. Tenant units at Pinder then were: HHB 1st Armd DivArty, 1st Bn, 22d FA; 6th Bn, 14th FA; 595MP Co; 156 Maint Co. Prior to the 1st Armd DivArty, Pinder was home for the 4th Armd DivArty.
As I get all the history togeather of units at Pinder, I will make sure to get it all posted to this site.